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Ready To Drink Cans

Rocavaka is proud to introduce three exciting Ready To Drink (RTD’s) products. These are not seltzers; they are true cocktails that perfectly encapsulate the essence of Rocavaka's premium quality vodka.These RTDs are the embodiment of our unwavering commitment to excellence and craftsmanship, which have become synonymous with the Rocavaka brand. They offer our customers a seamless and delightful way to experience the true spirit of Rocavaka in a new, convenient format.

"Rocalada," a 12-ounce RTD delight with a 7% alcohol content. This remarkable combination merges the smooth essence of Rocavaka with the richness of Roasted Coconut and a tantalizing touch of White Pepper. Rocalada promises to be a thrilling and flavorful adventure for your taste buds, offering a one-of-a-kind blend of sophistication and tropical indulgence in every sip.

"Rocaberry," the dynamic 12-ounce RTD, with a 7% alcohol content. This vibrant creation seamlessly blends the classic appeal of Rocavaka with the tantalizing flavors of ripe strawberries, zesty lime, and refreshing peppermint. Rocaberry is a harmonious symphony of flavors, promising a unique, lively, and unforgettable drinking experience that encapsulates the spirit of celebration and creativity in every sip.

"Rocabilly," a captivating 12-ounce RTD creation with a 7% alcohol content. In this delightful mixture we've masterfully blended the distinguished Rocavaka with the bold flavors of bitter orange, the subtle warmth of dry ginger, and the aromatic touch of cinnamon. Rocabilly is a harmonious fusion of sophistication and spice, offering a truly unique and tasteful experience in every sip, perfect for those seeking a distinctive and spirited drinking adventure.

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About Dee Snider

Dee Snider, is the lead singer of Twisted Sister and one of the most iconic figures in heavy metal history.

Snider is known for his high-energy performances and powerful vocals. He is one of the best Metal Vocalists of All Time. Snider is also an actor, a radio host on different morning radio shows, but the most popular one was the "House of Hair", which featured his closing catchphrase, "If it ain't metal, it's crap!"

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He is a fantastic father to his 4 children and the best husband to his wife Suzette, and he cares deeply about his family, friends, and fans.

Dee Snider Becomes Rocavaka Brand Ambassador

We are thrilled to announce Rocavaka's first brand ambassador: Dee Snider!

Ever since the release of Twisted Sister's 1984 album Stay Hungry, Dee Snider has been a legendary icon in the world of heavy metal.

Since then, he has written and performed music for bands starred in many films and television shows, and is soon to be the Director of his upcoming movie "My Enemy's Enemy."

Update: Adam and the Metal Hawks Christmas show with special guest Lauren Mian will now be on January 22, 2023. Join us at the Iridium NYC for an event to remember!

About Rocavaka

ROCAVAKA is a contemporary vodka distilled five times from the finest Spanish Tempranillo grapes in tailor-made copper stills. An exclusively artisanal process in very small batches signed by the skill and expertise of our Master Distiller. The distinctiveness of the grape spirit along with the extended distillation process grant ROCAVAKA Vodka an exceptional smoothness and a sophisticated fruity taste.

The excellence behind a craft spirit means pampering the process end-to-end.

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